Holy debates…

Had a really fun time in English today… mainly tearing each other apart about whether or not eating babies would have solved Ireland’s poverty problem in the 1700’s (A Modest Proposal). It turned good friends into bloodthirsty savages, tearing each other apart based on their point of view. I, of course, ended up on the baby-eating side. Which means I got attacked by everybody on the opposing team. Which is understandable, because I spent most of my time attacking the other people. Whatever. Everybody was getting way too worked up about it, myself included.

So yeah. I don’t really know what to post from here. Why don’t you guys comment, give me some ideas? You know, as to what you want to hear. I’ve got life stories, dreams (both literal and metaphorical), funny comments, game reviews, movie reviews… come on, people. Tell me what you want. Don’t be shy, speak up.


One Response to “Holy debates…”

  1. what eva happened with that chick of urs man? she still pissed?

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