Miiiiiiiiiine Craaaaaaaaaft….

THIS is an awesome game. Play it. Love it. Yeah. Whatever. You know. This post is kind of meaningful (the next one will be MORE meaningful, I promise), because it’s my journal. Of my time on Minecraft Island. The game doesn’t really have rules yet, so I have to make my own. (I’m going to post a game mode next time.) Either way, I think it’s somewhat amusing. To those of you who read, you might like it.

1. Spawned on a sand bar in the middle of a rather large gulf. Seems this island is somewhat flooded.

2. Spotted a large cluster of trees off in the distance. Going to go harvest for the Keep.

3. Harvested 92 units of lumber. Looking at seaside cliffs has given me an idea…

4. Built a relatively good-sized Keep… ON THE SIDE OF THE FREAKING CLIFFS. So badass. Not finished yet, but I am going back to the woods to harvest more lumber.

5. Got sidetracked on the way to the forest. Discovered large underwater cavern (will be extra cautious not to drown), with the possibility of metals. Will explore more once I have constructed a metal refinery.

6. Harvested 99 units of lumber.

7. On the way back to the Keep, I killed a pig by knocking it off a cliff. It died at the bottom. I felt a sense of foreboding as I remembered Lord of the Flies… hope that doesn’t bite me in the ass. The last thing I want is for the island to burn.

8. Man, out of lumber again. This Keep is taking some time to build… but it looks awesome, so I don’t care. Going back to mine some more.

9. Fractured my freaking ankle jumping down.

10. Harvested 70 lumber. I was rudely forced out of the area by a few skeletons. I gave them the slip in the forest, though.

11. Completed the Keep. It’s badass, too.

12. Hopped on top of the balcony to survey my territory, when a whizzing sound jolted me out of my reverie. A wooden shaft buried itself in the wall next to my head. Looking across the bay, I could see the same group of skeletons, probably out for revenge after the badassness of my castle made all their wives leave them. I decided to beat a hasty retreat, as the air thickened with arrows.

13. I decided to wait until they were directly below my badass Keep, and then I dropped a few sticks of TNT on them. It fixed three problems- one, I now have a deep pool of water to catch me if I ever fall out of my Keep, they’re all dead, and now I have a nifty huge freaking hole in my badass Keep. I fixed it, but left a small unit hole so I could do a ninja escape into the waters below.

14. Used leftover lumber from badass Keep to begin construction of a Stone Refinery. It won’t be badass, but hey, I’ll be able to build a badass Castle.

15. Ran out of lumber, obviously. Going to go harvest some more from a more nearby forest.

16. The habits of the undead on this island are interesting. The zombies just shamble around, but the skeletons seem to have some level of intelligence. They even have some ritual, probably making sacrifices to the gods that put them there so long ago, hoping that they will remove their curse and either restore them or let them die. I got to experience this ritual firsthand. It involves ripping out the entrails of a living person, and waving them towards the sky and chanting in some strange, arcane language. The smell of my blood has attracted the spiders, too. Fun. At least I won’t go to waste.


One Response to “Miiiiiiiiiine Craaaaaaaaaft….”

  1. I laughed at the Lord of the Flies reference. I find your strategy interesting. When I build a fortress it’s always on an island. To find a suitable location I go to an Island and dig down. If I hit a cavern that isn’t flooded the island is a go for construction. I flood-proof the cavern by blocking all explosive-prone materials with stone. I also line the entry shaft with stone. Then I return to the surface and build my castle, ensuring that the walls go deep to prevent below-water level breaches. That way I have a built in mining location within the walls of the castle. It worked well for my 20000 point game. What’s your highest score?

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