What a laugh.

Just kind of really pissed off this freshman girl. Well, she’s a sophomore, but she’s taking all freshman classes again, so she’s technically a freshman. She doesn’t do her work, she makes up terrible excuses, and for some reason she sees me as a good friend. She’s also into the whole drugs and alcohol thing, which I don’t necessarily have a problem with, I just don’t want to be associated with that. So anyway, she’s been sick or something like that, I don’t know, and she hasn’t been doing her work, and she starts to blame the teacher for it because he forgot to put in a grade. So she says to me in passing, “God, he’s failing me because he’s not putting in my work.” (Or something like that, I’m paraphrasing at best.) So I say to her, “Well, maybe if you did some work on time, you’d be passing.” So she starts getting all mad, saying that she’s gonna punch me, bla bla bla, stuff she usually says. Except I think that this time I really pissed her off bad. She’s all ranting and raving and dropping the f-bomb like mad at the end of class, really pissed and such. I just laughed. If she wants to do something crazy when she’s high or drunk like shoot me or stab me in the neck  or something, whatever. Her agenda. I’m unconcerned. So, yeah. Psycho bitch is mad at me, whatever. I think it’s hilarious.

Sorry for not posting more, just haven’t had much meaningful to talk about. Prom’s coming up (don’t know when or where, don’t much care either). I’m not going to go, even though everybody’s all like “oh, you’ll regret it so much” and “you’ll have such a good time if you go”. I think that the exact opposite is true- if I stay home, I’ll have such a good time playing video games (like I usually d0), and if I go, I’ll regret it because I’ll be by myself.

Why by myself, you ask? Well, because more or less every girl that’s on my level or a tier or two above detests me. All the senior girls on my level and a tier or two above hate me because they think that I’m a chauvinist asshole, or just an asshole in general. I’m not a chauvinist, but I will admit, I am a bit of an amoral asshole. So that rules out most of the senior girls. The other few that are left in my grade are either going with somebody else, or I have no chance with. So yeah.

Now, there’s always the other classes, right? Wrong. The junior class of girls is mostly all the… well… I don’t know what you kids call them these days. The kind of blonde “OMG” girls who walk around with their frakking faces glued to their cellphones texting and updating Facebook or whatever. The remainder hate me because I pissed one of them off, and the select few that are both single and don’t harbor an intense hatred for me and are tolerable to be around, I have absolutely no shot at getting out with me.

And the sophomore and freshman class? Don’t even go there. Most of the girls are like the junior class to the power of three, and the rest are… well… creepy. Like really creepy. You know, not like “goth girl who has conspicuous marks on her arm”, I mean like “possibly inbred probably mistake of nature” creepy. You know. That kind of girl. Which I have no real intention of going out with.

So, I guess whatever night prom is on will see me in my usual location- in the chair in front of my TV, scouring the Capital Wasteland for parts to make a Railway Rifle, and such. Then I’ll go on a quick date with my right hand, call it a night, and sleep until ten the next morning. I’m actually content with my life, pathetic and lonely as it is. Can you say that about your life?

Can you honestly say, with all the truthfulness you can muster, that you are happy? That your current life makes you smile at most, if not every, turn? I can. I can say it with a straight goddamn face, too. I’m genuinely happy where I am, and I don’t need something like prom to come along and shake things up.

Peace, y’all. Have a good rest of your week. Happy Friday.


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