It’s-a me!

Well, you found the “About” page. I’m supposed to put something here that sums up who I am in a nutshell. Well, it’s not going to happen, sorry. What you should do, though, is find out who I am and what I am like through my blog and posts. It’s mostly all about me. So go ahead. Read it.


One Response to “It’s-a me!”

  1. (This post is here and should be on your latest blog post)
    (for some reason it thinks I’m “commenting too quickly” even though I haven’t commented in days.)

    No phone no phone I just wanna be alone.

    You could do the whole no cell phones thing to the tune of the Cake song
    “no phone”

    Or you could do you the flu, or something.

    Here’s what Yahoo answers had to say

    “Get youself a goat! Then Film the Goat doing what goats do. Voice over with Don’t be a Goat, get out and vote. Send the Jackasses to the field…………….”

    Too bad you don’t have a goat and the vote is over.

    Good luck.

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