VLogs Gone.

Yes, that’s right, people. Every single one of my video blogs is now spinning in the howling void of cyberspace nonexistence. “Why”, you ask, as I know you will? Because they were attracting unnecessary attention to somebody who doesn’t need any attention drawn to him. You need a face for TV to be on TV, or a voice, or a body, or a personality, or SOMETHING. Otherwise you just get hate. Which is what I was getting. Hateful comments, hateful messages, just hate, because I looked different, or sounded weird, or acted different, or something. I couldn’t tell you what I’m doing wrong. If I knew, I’d stop. But anyway. I don’t have the looks, voice, or personality for TV, and certainly not the Internet, so the VLogs are gone, and they’re not coming back. We’re back to good-old text… but that’s temporary too.
I have so many personal things on this blog, when the time eventually comes, and hell eventually freezes over, I will need to get a job. And then this blog will need to go. On my own, I am extremely undesirable. My abrasive voice, annoying personality, and mirror-cracking good looks are what got me hate in the first place. At work, I can at least not talk beyond what my job requires and not interact with others beyond what the job requires. As far as the looks, well… they can hardly fire me for not looking good. And if they can, then I’ll just buy expensive suits. You know, dress myself up to look better.
Along with hiding my personality will have to come deleting this blog. Because there’s not much point in hiding who I am if it’s accessible on the Internets. So there you have it. Don’t get too attached to this, because one day, when you come to see what wit Christopher has put onto the Internets for all to see, you might just happen upon a big old 404.


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