Conflict of Interest

You ever have one of those, friends? Well I have. And they suck. And I have one right now. And it sucks, big time. For my own physical health, I’ll not delve into details here, but I’ll just be concise and say that it involves matters of the heart, at least as far as the romanticized version of the heart goes. (I don’t actually have an issue with my blood pump.) The conflict lies between two things- what I want to do, and what I should do. Should I take a path that gratifies my selfish desires, that makes me feel good through simple satisfaction of what I want, damn the consequences? Or should I do what’s right, and take the path that might cause me some pain, but will in the end be better for all involved? Both seem equally appealing and unappealing in different aspects, and I can’t decide. Good and evil, right and wrong, pathos and logos. It’s a dichotomy that’s torn me quite in two, and I really dislike it.

On a more positive note… this is my second third post this month! Holy crap! It might be something slightly negative, but damn it, this blog is for how I feel, and what I think about things.

I always find it amusing that I defend myself from imaginary detractors that are amongst my readers. I suppose I’m just covering for myself? I don’t really know. In any case, that about sums up the important things I wanted to say. So have a good one, and drive safe, it’s slicker than whale shit on a glacier out there.


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