I just don’t understand it. Memes I get. Incessant repetition of memes, I suppose I understand, although I borderline abhor it. All this “like, reblog, re-like, re-reblog about the blogging of the blogger who you blogged about” BLA BLA BLA. A blog is supposed to be a weB LOG. A log about YOU. Not the things you like. Granted, the things you like should be a part of the blog, as they are a part of you. HOWEVER. You should at least have some  personal content on there. You know, shit about you. Personal info, rants, issues, whatever. Not just scrolling through countless pages, wasting Internets fuel, looking and looking until you find a meme that you like and feel “represents you” or something. Now, I understand some Tumblers DO put personal information and treat their assigned portion of Internets space as a web log of their life, and such. However, many people do not, and that irritates the SHIT out of me.

In addition, apologies for the not-video post, but I feel that I’m going to go back to doing these, as constantly putting myself on video and thinking of something to say other than “I DUNNO LOL, COLLEGE” is getting irritating and repetitive, and I am beginning to hate YouTube, and I can’t find an alternative that I like. Plus, I mean I’m really in a groove of writing right now. And I just couldn’t make a meaningful video log like this. Plus, editing videos with Windows Movie Maker is a pain in the arse.

So yeah. Thanks for listening. See y’all later.


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