6 Responses to “STFU”

  1. The Beard Says:

    I am amused by your description of Walmart.

    I dunno what to tell you about the whole “making friends” thing but I’m surprised your school doesn’t have any kind of gaming clubs. There’s a GAMERS club here at NESCom and there’s a Starcraft II tournament going on soon. Not to mention a pool hall which is an excellent place to make friends (and rivals). Look around, there’s got to be SOMETHING at UMF

    Can I…..Can I have you computer if you get eaten?

    • Christopher Balcer Says:

      There is very little, but I am looking around. And no it’s my computer. Give it to the bear so he can eat it.

      • There are a ton of clubs on campus!! Look into some new things and you might develop some new interests, as well.

  2. The Beard Says:

    Oh, and here are some free downloadable video editing apps. I haven’t tried either of them but give it a go.



  3. Christine Doval Says:

    So I guess bears do **** in the woods…Lol
    My friend who lives in Manley Alaska was out walking his dogs and a bear jumped out of the bush and bite the dog, the bear got startled by the other dog and my friend and looked up and the dog being bitten took off. The dog came back home a hour and a half later with a bite on his butt. Needless to say when the bear looked up my friend took off like a bat out of h***

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