I Find Your Lack of Blog Disturbing.

I’m talking to you, Spencer Roberts. Come on, man, you inspired me to start a blog. Now I’ve surpassed my inspiration? Gawd. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever done a Star Wars joke, so there it is. It’s also an explanation to you viewers/readers- not an apology, as I’m not sorry, but an explanation. Nothing really interesting has been happening of late, so I didn’t feel the need to put it all on film. So that’s why I haven’t been Vlogging. Now you may say “But Chris, what about the college experience? That’s exciting, and worth filming!” Well yeah, sure, if you find that me doing laundry, going to classes, and lying on my bed staring at the ceiling are interesting. Plus I think filming my classes is illegal anyway.

Funny story- I could have done this in a Vlog, but I can’t find my camera. So yeah, that’s another reason.

Go do something productive.


2 Responses to “I Find Your Lack of Blog Disturbing.”

  1. Christine Doval Says:

    I enjoy watching your Blog just for the fact I had to miss so much of your young life and I hope I can get to know you better so keep them coming you are a good speaker. Even if I do not understand you I still love you.
    Hugs, Grandma Christine

  2. The Beard Says:

    I finished my vlog last night ok?

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