Or at least partial ones. I said that I’d post daily from now on, and here I am on the second day, posting. However, I said that it would have meaningful content, and well… I lied. I didn’t do anything today. Which isn’t a bad thing, you know? I’ve been doing as much nothing as possible for the whole summer. Hell, it’s the last bit of “nothing” I’m ever going to get. College is going to completely wreck all my free time, and next summer I’m going to need a full-time job if I want to keep off the street. So I’m enjoying this while I can.

Buy Minecraft. Because it’s awesome. I won’t need to elaborate any more on that, just play the damn free version, and then buy the damn thing.


3 Responses to “Lies”

  1. Minecraft is great. Survival mode was fun to play. Nice and RETRO

  2. The Beard Says:

    So you tell me that I’ll have no time for goofing off at college, then you tell me precisely what to buy if I want to goof off. Curse you, cause Minecraft is too addicting.

    • Christopher Balcer Says:

      This either means you bought it, and I am pleased, or you still play the “Classic Survival” or “Classic Creative”, which means I am slightly less pleased, but pleased nonetheless.

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