Inbound College

It’s going to be eventful. I’m going to try and tidy up this blog before I leave, and by tidy up, I mean update daily. I know, I’ve said that in the past, but this time I mean it. This is the time in summer where I start doing meaningful things every day, which means meaningful blog posts. More or less.

Went to Funtown today. Not Splashtown, just Funtown, because I guess there was supposed to be rain or something. There wasn’t, but still. I’m sure you guys have experienced something in the distant past, and then done it again much later, only to think “That wasn’t at all how I remembered it”? Well, that’s how Funtown was for me. The most recent venture I can remember to Funtown was all the way back in fifth grade. Now, those of you in my class may say “Well wait a minute, Chris, we went every year in middle school, too.” Well, look who you’re talking to. I’m surprised I remember my own name sometimes. I’d lose certain parts of my anatomy, were they not attached. I’m not stupid, I just have CRS syndrome, like many people.

Anyway, quite a few things from Funtown are different. Number one, the “Museum of Gum” on the rock wall on the first left turn just outside the boarding station at the Log Flume has expanded quite a bit. It’s now almost impossible to see the rock wall on the top at all. As always, I contributed, much to my mother’s chagrin. The ride itself has stayed more or less the same. The Grand Prix go-carts have seemed to become a lot more dependable; nobody stalled out at all on a five-lap run, which was a huge milestone. Excalibur has gotten a lot worse as far as smoothness of ride goes, I had to pick up some Motrin at the souvenir shop. (I didn’t even know they had any, I just saw it and went “Pills here! Lady, take my money and give me some damn ibuprofen.”) Either that, or maybe my spine and neck have lost some of their elasticity from my earlier childhood. The workers at the place also seem a bit more disgruntled, stay tuned for my live coverage of the upcoming Funtown riots. (I keed.)
So yeah, got a bit of a jolt as far as that went, and then when I got back home, I had to do some crap for college, something about financial aid and stuff. It wasn’t boring, just because I was about to put a hole in the damn computer screen as I was quizzed on how financial aid works, just to make sure I absolutely understood the consequences of failing to pay it on time, and blah blah blah. Honestly, I think that shit’s just way too complicated. The whole college system really needs some re-doing. I need to make money in order to live life here in America. In order to get enough money for a decent lifestyle, I need a well-paying job. To get one of those, I need to get a college education. For that I need money. It’s a vicious cycle that is honestly killing a lot of our nation’s potential. I don’t know how higher education should work, but I’m pretty sure how it shouldn’t work. I’d write a letter to somebody about it, but number one, I don’t know who I write to in order to complain about this, and number two, one whiny kid who doesn’t want to pay for college isn’t going to make any impact. Honestly, I don’t think a hundred thousand whiny kids will. Because in the end, that’s all we are. Whiny kids. We stay that way until we become middle- and early-middle-aged adults, at which point we’re supposed to just stop bitching, and deal with it. And by the time we’re old enough to bitch again, it doesn’t matter because we’re pooping in our adult diapers and sucking our meals through a straw in the nursing home.
I leave you with a pleasant note: destruction.

One Response to “Inbound College”

  1. The Beard Says:

    Hey, nice post. I always point out the “Museum of Gum” AKA the “Galleria of Gum” to people I go with. I went on Excalibur for the first time this year. I don’t really understand it.

    I had to do that quiz thing to. For the loans, right? Not so fun. I’m surprised you’re still doing that stuff though. I’ve already started making payments.

    I’m too tired to talk about the college system, but I agree it isn’t perfect.

    I’m going to go read your newer posts now.

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