Such a rage rage rage rage RAGE.

I’m done with Modern Warfare 2. Now, I know you say “Chris, what the hell, not another post about video games”, but stuff it. It says that there’s video games right in the sub-title for the goddamn webpage. Now quit your imaginary bitching, figurative representation of my blog.

There’s Tac-Knifing, Noob-Tubing, Spawn-Camp-Noob-Tubing, Quick-Scoping, Flag-Camp-Noob-Tubing, Camp-Tac-Knifing, Wall Hax, Regular Hax, Good Old Fashioned Camping, and a plethora of other fucking tactics that get me so angry I rip apart my larynx with sound. Whatever. As of right now, I’m done with it all. That’s right. I’m trading in Modern Warfare 2 on Fallout: New Vegas. That’s right, the next big game is going to be mine. I’m getting the collector’s edition, with the cards, the chips, the rules for all the card games, and whatnot… it’s going to be insane. And it’ll be all mine. Goodbye, Modern Warfare 2. You can suck a fat dick, because I’m fucking done with your faggot ass.

And if you think that’s bad, you should hear me rage out in-game. You can tell that my dad’s a sailor.

On the plus side of video games, I’m going to have a few friends pay for a WoW account. Fun times.

Stay safe.

Oh and graduation tomorrow AAAAAAAH.


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