Texas Roadh-*VOMIT*

Went to the aforementioned establishment for dinner tonight. Had two rolls, a few cheese fries, and a cup of chili, so I was mildly full when my entree showed up- fried catfish strips (delicious for such an ugly animal) and a baked sweet potato. “Why have fish at a steak restaurant”, you say? Well, because I have steak almost every single dinner at home, so I didn’t want to this time. Plus, I’ve never had catfish before. Well, it was delicious, but as I said before, I was full, so I almost puked at the table, and four times driving home. Not a good idea.

I said I would rant about the math final… well, I lied. It wasn’t hard at all. So there’s not much to rant about. Which is a good thing.


2 Responses to “Texas Roadh-*VOMIT*”

  1. The Beard Says:

    Catfish eh? Can’t say as I’ve tried it but I enjoy most seafood so maybe I’ll give it a go sometime. I’m trying to remember what I had that was delicious. I think it was freshly caught smelt turned into chowder. Texas Roadhouse is weird as hell though. It’s also a deathtrap for those with peanut allergies.

    • Christopher Balcer Says:

      It’s kind of like a bland-ish haddock. Which is odd, since haddock is bland to begin with. And it’s not really weird until people start DANCING.

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