Bad Blogger.

Facking crap I missed a day. And I was doing so well.. sorry, blog, but I’ve just been so busy with other crap (like finals) that I haven’t had time to update you on my fantastic adventures of late. Which have been… nonexistent, really. So I guess there was no point to me updating anyway… but hey. At least I update frequently enough, right? At lest, more frequently than some people I know.

I kid the lazy bloggers… no seriously, get off yer behind and do some posting!!! We want to hear what you have to say. Be it something idiotic or something useful, what you say is important, which is why you started blogging in the first place.

I have something useful to say, anyway. If any of you ever stop by Peppers in Winthrop, ME, I highly recommend their “Seafood Pie”. A flaky bread thing over a bowl of scallops, lobster, shrimp, crab, and fish, which is all in some orange-colored really rich sauce stuff. Like cream of mushroom soup but super thick. Like thick enough to eat with a facking FORK. Delicious. As are their mashed potatoes. Give Geoff Briggs a high-five the next time you see him, because he’s an excellent cook. (Granted, I’ve only eaten one meal that he’s cooked, but it was amazing. I’ve got to start eating there more often… oh yeah, I don’t have a facking JOB. Whoops.)

In video game news, there’s a game out for Xbox Live Arcade (sorry, you four PS3 fans out there in the world) called Snoopy: Flying Ace. It’s about Snoopy as he pilots his doghouse throughout fictional battles of World War One. Oh, did I say doghouse? I meant FUCKING TANKS WITH WINGS. Seriously, your main gun for one of the planes is a tri-barreled Vickers Machine Gun. One of the secondary weapons is called “The Rainmaker”, and it attaches three chainguns to each wing of your plane. Yeah. That’s how intense this is. (Every time I switch to it, I say “Time to make it rain.” Kind of a cheesy one-liner I like.) Plus, you get to shoot down your favorite Peanuts characters! They parachute safely away, so don’t worry. So far, I’ve shot down Cadet Rerun (Linus’ little brother), Ensign Pig-Pen, and Corporal Van Pelt (Lucy. That felt SO good. “This is for Charlie Brown and his footballs, you BITCH!”) Oh, and you know how Snoopy laughs? No? Well, go watch a few Peanuts movies. You know, the old-ish animated ones. You’ll see how he laughs. Now, imagine him behind a tank with wings, six chainguns, three machine guns, and four rocket launchers, laughing his ass off as he unleashes hell with the push of a button. No fooling. Every time you kill somebody, he does a backflip in his seat. If you kill three or more in ten seconds, he starts laughing. If you kill five or more, he starts laughing maniacally. I love it. It’s just so damned funny. I only have the demo, though, so… I might buy the whole thing.

Well, that’s it for now, people. Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ll get better at that. Got a math test to rant to you about tomorrow. Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Bad Blogger.”

  1. The Beard Says:

    Snoopy is awesome. As for being a lazy blogger, I just like to think of it as being a busy person. Though I do wish I had time to post more often.

    • Christopher Balcer Says:

      You have time. Like at night. When you get into bed, get out of bed, go to your computer, and do a post. A few minutes of lost sleep is worth the entertainment of everyone else.

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