That’s what today was, ladies and… well, okay, just gentlemen. Gentleman. Spencer. Whatever. Anyway, today I had FIVE STUDY HALLS. Out of five classes. Five hours straight of not a goddamn thing. Not a single bit of mental stimulation to be found. It’s been driving me crazy. First, a real study hall, then another, then an English class where we did nothing, then lunch, and then a math class where we did nothing. I’m going crazy here. I need some sort of mental stimulation. Especially considering that I’m going to be going to my summer home this weekend, where I will be attending a party with absolutely nobody to do anything with. The only people I will know are my grandparents and my brother. (Parents are out of town). I thought that I’d be able to run the house on my own, right? Be able to convince mom to let me have the lay of the house? Wrong. Even though I’m legally allowed to, I’m apparently too young and stupid to spend a weekend home alone. I mean, of course, right? I’m a male teenager, obviously all I ever think about ever is doing drugs, sex, and setting shit on fire. Duh. It’s just a goddamn given.

Whatever. I don’t care. I’ll find something to do up there. Like…. okay, fuck, I don’t have any ideas. This is going to suck no matter how you slice it.


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