Okay, so now it’s legitimately hot. They said it would be cooler today. They lied. Satan’s ass-crack again. I’m actually sweating now, which is no small achievement. But I’ll be damned if I’m letting a little warm weather get the best of me. This goddamn sweatshirt’s staying on, and I’m not rolling up my pants. Come get some, heatstroke.

Been playing more Red Dead Redemption, and it’s given me an idea for a video production final. What I’m going to do, see, is make this kind of Mexican stand-off between me and myself. Using split-screen movie magic. I’ve done it before. It should be pretty interesting, actually.

Ohh, lordy. My time grows short, blog. Boredom is setting in, and that Stumble button in the top left corner is looking awfully attractive. I probably should finish this blog post, though. I’m not letting a stupid Internet addiction get the b


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