Red Dead: Redemption

Well, I’m going to be like every other foaming-at-the-mouth fanboy out there and talk about one thing- Red Dead: Redemption. Think of GTA, but in the Wild West. It’s amazing. Just you, a horse, a few guns, and all the baddies, wildlife, outlaws, good people, sheriffs, and whores you could want. I facking love this game and I’m barely into the story. I can’t wait for all my Live friends to be online at once so we can all play together. That’d kick ass

Oh, funny story about this game, there’s an achievement called “Dastardly”. The description? “Lasso a woman in town, carry her to the train tracks, and wait there until the train runs her over and kills her.” It just made me laugh. My guy’s being good, though, so I’m not sure if I’m going to do it.

Anyway. Since my car got stolen, I’ve been driving a stick-shift around the place. Boy, let me tell you… it’s not pretty, it’s not smooth, and it’s not fun, but I’ll be damned if I’m not finally getting the hang of the stupid facking thing.

Memorial Day weekend coming up. Got some unpleasantness to get through, but overall, it should be pretty sweet. Four day weekend. Oh, what’s that? It’s only three days? Well, not for us Winthrop Seniors, it’s not. Beach trip on Tuesday (which I have no intention of going to), so I can plant my ass at home and do absolutely nothing.


One Response to “Red Dead: Redemption”

  1. The Beard Says:

    Dastardly. Har.

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