Senior Lounge.

It’s a small room on the upper level of our high school. And recently, it has been fucking disgusting. There is paper strewn everywhere, the furniture is in various states of disrepair and neglect and scattered about the place, the floors are caked with human skin cells, dirt, and god knows what else, the tables are coated with soda, food leftovers, and various bodily fluids, and there are half-empty cans and bottles of various beverages littered around. It is absolutely foul. And nobody seems to care.

I understand coming from a well-off family where nobody gives a shit about how you live, and all your living space hygiene needs are taken care of, but come fucking on. I’m getting damned sick of this shit, and I’m about ready to take this issue to the principal, which I really don’t want to do, as that will likely mean the loss of the lounge for all of us. Regrettable, but sometimes, action must be taken. People need to learn to clean up their shit. Either that, or somebody needs to get the fucking janitors in there. I realize that they don’t want to clean up after bratty kids that don’t know how to pick up food debris, but isn’t that their job, like it or not?

Bah. I get too worked up about this shit. I wanted to talk to you guys about something else. My blog. The reason for its existence. “Oh, here we go“, you think, “another existential bullshit rant.” Well fuck you. Not this time. One of the minor reasons my blog exists is to entertain you. And don’t lie, and say that it doesn’t. You get a chuckle or two from reading these, yes? Usually. I’ve been told I have “unique insights”. I’ve also been told that “you’re fucking weird”, “you need to calm down”, and “your fly’s undone”. Either way, I try to entertain you with most blog posts.

However, that is not the primary reason for this blog’s existence. The primary reason… is immortality. Yes, I shit you not, me doing this is slowly but surely making me immortal. How, you may ask? Simple. Each and every time I write something down in here, a little piece of me is recorded. A little bit of what makes me unique is forever embedded in the thick hide of the Internets. If I write enough, if I get enough entries with enough meaningful content, I will eventually impart my entire existence into the Internets… and I will have achieved immortality. I will live forever. If not forever, then I will live for as long as the Internets do. Which is a damned good amount of time.

Immortality. Living forever, a piece of me inside the Internets for all time. It’s a giddy prospect. And I’m honored to be able to do this, when so many aren’t. And you can bet your ass that I’m going to make the most of it.


2 Responses to “Senior Lounge.”

  1. Correction: it’s “the slounge.”
    Also, your immortality bit is poignant and has sparked something inside me.

    • Christopher Balcer Says:

      I am amazed that you know the name of my blog offhand. And yes, it is. I am glad I have inspired others. Create your own. Live forever!

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