Was the sound of experimental chemistry. The most fun I’ve ever had in school, bar none. Okay, let me explain. There’s this lab we’re doing that will compare the strength of different brands of sunscreen to each other. One of these was a spray kind. About EIGHTY PERCENT ALCOHOL. No, I didn’t get drunk. It’s denatured. Which means that it would kill me or make me violently ill. I’ll leave getting drunk in various manners to your alcoholic mom. (Zing!)

Anyway. I remembered that alcohol is extremely flammable, so I took out a match, lit it on my pants, and sprayed a bunch of hairspray. Flamethrower-like effect- WOOSH. I did it a few more times, and eventually got it to sustain itself (I could lower the match and keep the button pressed down, and fire still came out). Then I sprayed a bunch into a metal pan, and threw a match in. Blue flames, then yellow flames, and then a half melted pan with blackened crap in it. It was the best chemistry class ever. So cool.

Not much else to say, which isn’t a bad thing. FIRE!!!!


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