Day of Not Giving a S**t

Yeah, Day of Caring didn’t turn out to be all that fantastic. Just more oiling a statue with vampire puree. I think I got some on me. I hope to god that shit’s not contagious. If I start to sparkle, I think I’m going to lose it. Anyway, what was actually kind of cool was that this year we got to get a bit of an inside look as to how the statue was originally made. Kind of interesting. Also got invited to my advisor’s house. Mrs. Dyer. Kind of interesting to see how she lives. The place seems kind of cramped on the first floor. Whatever, it’s like a three story house with a huge backyard. Which is cool.

Not much to do now, except wait for another hour and such. Can’t even really play games or do anything fun on the internet, because my computer is jacked right now. Everybody’s is. We can’t get to them. Right now I’m using the internet on one of the Video Production rooms. Not sure I’m supposed to be doing this… Shaw, if you’re reading this, please forgive me.

Something interesting- bumped into Ben Jewell today. Not a bad kid. Bit naïve. He’ll learn. Eventually. Had a bit of an interesting discussion about life and body language and binary code and the difference between psychological and neurochemical things. Not hugely interesting, but still interesting nonetheless. That is all.


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