Sin Titulo

Which is Spanish for “Without Title”. In case you couldn’t guess.

Not much interesting happened this week, kids. Not much different, either. Wake up, eat, go to school, learn, eat, learn, come home, play video games, eat, play video games, personal hygiene, flog the log, sleep. Repeat. Then, for weekends, replace “school”, “learn”, and “come home” with “play video games”. However, there was one key fact about this week that made it somewhat peculiar- it had the POTENTIAL to be different. It wasn’t different, but it could have been.

For example- I could have bought prom tickets. I didn’t. Why? I’ll explain later.
I could have done something about Project Graduation. I didn’t. Why? I’ll explain later.
I could have done something about the Senior Beach Trip. I didn’t. Why? I’ll explain later.
I could have asked somebody out on a date. I didn’t. Why? Because I’m gutless, that one needs no explanation.
I could have gone to a movie. I didn’t. Why? I’ll explain later.
I could have hung out with friends. I didn’t. Why? I’ll explain later.

This entire week was filled with all sorts of opportunities that I didn’t take. Instead, I opted to do the familiar- to stick to the tried-and-true schedule I’ve lined out for myself.

Why didn’t I buy prom tickets? Simple. I would have looked like a complete and total fuckhead if I went alone. “So go with somebody else”, you say. Well, that is a possibility… at least, it would be, if I knew anybody who would want to go with me. Every single female at my school either A: Realizes and understands that I am a complete and total dick, B: Is already going with somebody else, C: Hates prom with a passion, or D: Any combination of the three, most likely A and B. On top of that… prom tickets are twenty-five dollars. Not even your mom is worth that much. I mean, come on, sheeple! Wake the hell up! They’re charging you twenty-five dollars for four hours of “fun”. Does somebody want to explain to me what that is all about? Sure, people say it’s “Something you’ll remember for the rest of your life”, but so is a vasectomy with a shotgun. And anal rape. And watching your family being burned alive. And having your eyes sucked out in vacuum. I would like to experience none of those. Oh, but wait! It’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life, right? That’s good, right? Sheesh.

Next, Project Graduation. Supposedly, some big party-thing where you go and hang out with your class, and you get awards I guess, and it’s basically the “final fling” before you’re bent over the table and anally penetrated by the real world. And don’t pretend that’s not what it’s going to be like, because it is! Real life is going to rape you. In the butt. And you are going to remember it. So anyway, the reason I didn’t make plans and stuff, you know, clear out that date on my calendar, is because I’m not going. Why? Because it’s weird. It’s going to be like a study hall in the Senior lounge, except all my friends will be there. And all the girls will be bawling their eyes out. And I’ll know less than a fourth of the people there. I seriously can name about twenty people that are in my grade by looking at their face. And people think I’m joking when I say that. I’m not. So it’s just going to be really weird. I could get the same amount of “awkward” in a day by calling my grandma and asking her what her favorite sex position is. Sheesh.

Kay. What’s next? Oh yeah, beach trip. Well, I decided not to do that because of pretty much the same reason as Project Grad- I will know so few people there, and it’s just going to be awkward. Plus, being on a beach means I would probably be encouraged to take my many shells of clothing off, and… well, let’s face it, nobody wants to see that. I have enough trouble looking at myself without a sweatshirt on, I don’t want to expose people to that. It’s just cruel. Plus, me in shorts? Yeah. If you do not have bile in your mouth or on your computer at the thought of me in something that does not cover the entirety of my legs, then you go right ahead and get yourself some serious help and some strong meds. Sheesh.

Gone out on a date? Me? Sheesh.

Next…? Oh yeah, movie. A few friends of mine were going to a movie. And it was Iron Man 2, and I thought that it would be pretty sick. But I thought about who was going, and I knew and got along with… maybe two of the people. And that would just be… weird. And as I said before, I don’t need that kind of crap. It would be even weirder because it would be in public. Public and me just don’t get along, that’s why I try to spend as little time as possible there. Combine that with friends, people I don’t know and people who outright detest my existence? Oh yes, that’s a good time. Sheesh.

Finally, I guess I could have hung out with friends. Kind of. You know, just called a bunch of people, and rounded up anybody who wanted to go do shit together. But then my better sense kicked in, and told me to stay inside and just keep to myself. I agreed wholeheartedly. People would probably have had other stuff to do anyway. Like do a play… or clean their car… or wash their hair… or get their teeth pulled… or stuff like that.I wouldn’t want to impose, either. Would be kind of rude of me, wouldn’t it? And I’ve had enough of that for a lifetime… sheesh.

So yeah. This week wasn’t all that different or exciting. Just more or less the same-old same-old. Which I am just fine with. I spent this long getting a goddamn schedule worked out, I’m not about to throw it off now by being social. Sheesh.


One Response to “Sin Titulo”

  1. dude you are the one who complains about how real life is gonna suck and shit like that and how nothing good is eva gonna come of it, well maybe if you acutally DID something with your life and not just sit around waiting for something to happen then you would see things a little differently. you cant just sit there playin your games and shit, expecting something to suddenly change..i bet you coulda found someone to go to prom with if you actually tried, and hell even if ya couldn’t its STILL somethin people remember (in a GOOD way) get to spend time w/ yo friends and stuff. which also reminds me, the beach trip and stuff you were talking about sounds like a good time yo. im sure youve got plenty of friends to hang with man. even if you dont, maybe if you weren’t so concentrated on dedicating all your time to your games, you could be makin/hanging with your friends. dont complain about not doing stuff cuz its too awkward or some shit, i hate to break it to ya man but you are the one who put yourself here. anyway dog had to say somethin, you write about this type of thing a lot PEACE

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