An interesting word. It means “hot and humid”, or just “humid”. Well, that’s how it is at our school today. However, “muggy” does not adequately describe the condition of this school.

Once you walk into the lobby, your airway is clogged with the scents and humidity that comes from a conglomeration of people. The poorly ventilated rooms are terrible. I walk into the senior lounge, which has a definitive odor of human sweat, misery, unh- what’s that, you say? Emotions don’t have scents? Au contraire. Which is French for “you’re f**king wrong”.

The human body emits different odors for whatever emotion seems to be the most prevalent. Happiness lets off a slightly perceptible odor of pine. Angst releases a thick, oppressive scent. Depression leaves a salty tang in the air. Woe and misery leave choking, odoriferous, almost toxic fumes. This is just a general guide, however, as different bodies release different scents.

Anyway. The senior lounge has that distinct tinge of angst, but the air is mostly filled with the noxious fume of boredom. That’s right, boredom releases the worst scent of all- there’s nothing for the body to do, so it releases all scents at once. The result is an oppressive mask of choking vapors that would likely kill an asthmatic. Combine that with poor ventilation, no air circulation within the room itself, and the high amount of moisture in the air, and you have one oppressive room. Upon taking your first breath, your throat is choked with all these odors, lining the passageway with concentrated dirt, grime, humidity, and illness. A lot of students have gotten sick- real unfortunate, considering the circumstances. Fortunately, I was able to jack a fan, and provide some well-needed circulation to the senior lounge before we all asphyxiated.

Not to worry now, though. I’m in one of the few rooms in the school that is always well-ventilated. Ms. Shaw’s room has a constant supply of air flowing through it, and I can actually breathe in here. The air is still tainted with the sweat and emotions of others, but not nearly as bad as outside this room. Thank god 1/4 of the school isn’t here. Otherwise, we might actually have people passing out in here.


One Response to “Muggy.”

  1. The Beard Says:

    “Au contraire. Which is French for “you’re f**king wrong””


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