Stupid News.

I’m not an angry guy, really. I don’t have anger issues. It’s just that the entire world seems hell-bent on pissing me off! First thing is, news in general. On the front page of a major news website (I don’t care which, pick one), what do you find? American Idol. Twitter news. How to look like the “superstars”. What hairstyle to pick. How to cook a good turkey dinner. And then below, after a bit of hunting, you can find this- protesters killed in Thailand, oil rig companies under fire, Obama supporting Wall Street reform, school budget cuts… why is it that I have to search for actual news? Why is this tripe promoted as something people care about? And if people do care about this shit more than actual news, what the hell man?! Ugh. Just gets me so pissed off.

Secondly, Justing Fucking Bieber. What is that bullshit about? She sings about some shit like “There’s gonna be one less lonely girl” or something, and she’s only fifteen, sixteen at the most! She needs to wait until she matures a little bit, finds out what the world is like, before she starts singing about blatant sex themes, or whatever. Sheesh.

On the topic of stupid girls, Miley Fucking Cyrus has decided that “Disney doesn’t own her”, that she’s her own woman, blah blah blah. She is dead wrong. Once Walt Disney’s ghost sinks his fangs into your shoulder, you do not escape. You do not survive. You are drained of every last ounce of talent, every last millilitre of originality, every last tiny little bit of life, and then left in a crack-house with the media banging on your door, wondering how such a “bright young star” went so astray. Meanwhile, Disney is laughing its ass off, counting the millions it has made from your pathetic little attempts at gaining attention. No, Miley. You are not your own woman. You do not own your destiny. You are not free until you are addicted to heroin, in debt up to your eyeballs, and your girl parts look like the Grand Canyon. Then you are free- free to deal with the rest of your trashed life. Have fun with that, Miley. I bet you die before you’re thirty. Much before.

Oh, that felt good. Just to get that off my chest. Just… such a stupid country. A stupid world. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!


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