Vicious Trains of Thought.

Well, tonight I was just sitting down with nothing to do, which is never good, and I started to think, which is also never good. Thankfully, instead of introspection, my brain instead went on an extremely odd path that again reminded me why I spend so much of my free time playing video games. For your entertainment is the dialogue of my brain, spoken by Morgan Freeman. (You have to imagine that part.)

“Wow. Steven Hawking is the man, man. I don’t know of anybody else like that. He’s got all these crazy theories, and ideas, and thoughts, and man he’s just so cool. I wonder how many women want to have sex with him. Ha! I wonder if that would even work. Does he need, like… help, or something? How would that work? Hmm… maybe they’d just pleasure themselves in front of him, while he watched, grinning. He probably wouldn’t have time for any of that, though. Probably leave the poor girl halfway through because he had to invent a revolutionary theory of how we don’t all exist or something. He seems like a nice guy, though, so he’d probably leave her with something to keep her occupied. Probably some tapes of himself, or something. Steven Hawking porn. Heh. I wonder if that even exists? Somebody, somewhere, has probably done it. Hell, maybe the guy has done it himself-”

At this point, I actually listened to myself talk, and kind of jumped back in my seat. I shook my head, and proceeded to play a blood-soaked, violence-filled, goremania game of Gears of War 2. Pretty much kept my mind occupied for the rest of the night.

Goddamn I need to get back to school, so that kind of weird shit doesn’t have TIME to form in my head.


2 Responses to “Vicious Trains of Thought.”

  1. The Beard Says:

    God I love your blog.

  2. dude, this is messed up.

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