Digging Holes.

So, the other day, I was in horticulture. I was digging out lupin to transplant from around the garden to in the garden, which made these huge holes. I was kind of “in the zone”, so I kept working, and digging, and getting plants, and digging more, and when the song playing in my head finally ended, I looked around, and saw that I had created this huge amount of rather large holes in the ground. It looked like a mortar field… it was pretty intense. One of the freshman girls almost broke her ankle in one of them; kind of funny.

So yeah, finished up a math test, kind of bullshit, because I studied, and studied, and studied, and then when the test showed up, *FFFT* went all the information in my head. It was all just gone, and I was stuck staring at the test, unsure of whether to bargain, surrender unconditionally, or just break down crying. Or leave. I just jerked my way through it, and well… I just hope I did good. Whatever.

Not much else of mention lately. Other than vacation. Took damn long enough.


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