Well, with any luck, this has published itself at seven o’clock in the morning, and it is currently April fourteenth. If that is the case, then I did the whole “future publishing” thing right, and that means I can have more of a steady blogging rate, which is great. Anyway, something of notice- the blog looks very different, doesn’t it? It’s actually rather cool, I think. And it’s not on the top list of most popular themes, so that means less people use it, whch means it stands out more. I guess. I like the whole sunrise thing at the top. I was looking for a Red/Russian/Communist theme, because, you know, “Comerade Chris’ Blog of Pain”? You know? Yeah. But that was non-existant, probably because communism is seen as bad over here, so I just went with this thing. Anyway.

Not much of importance to blog about, really. But hey. Funny story- I dreamed that I fried my microwave with a plasma pistol. Really! I was shooting it downstairs, trying to burn a hole in the floor, when I heard a large explosion upstairs, and the shattering of glass. Apparently, the intense magnetic fluctuations in the plasma pistol’s magnetic field used to keep the superheated plasma ions in a coherent mass shorted out the cavity magnetron in the microwave, causing it to overload and blow up. This explosion and shattered glass was followed by my mom yelling “Oh shit”, so… she was probably less than happy with that. Yeah.

Good day.


One Response to “Shiny!”

  1. The Beard Says:

    I enjoy your scientific explanation of the effects of plasma pistols on microwaves, and that you can piss your mom off even in your dreams.

    SHINY BLOG makes me happy. Good job.

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