Friggin’ Little Kids.

Kids these days. You know. When you were a kid, fourth or fifth grade, and you saw a Senior coming, what did you do? That’s right, you shut up, you ducked your head, and you let them go by. Or gave them whatever they wanted. They wanted your seat? You jumped up and got out of there. Firstborn son? You signed the contract, right then and there. Now? If you’re an older person, you’re lucky if they don’t bite your ear off. Kids these days have absolutely no respect for anybody but themselves. It’s an entire generation of self-centered brats. WE sure as shit weren’t that whiny, self-centered, or annoying. But now, even up into grade seven, for god’s sake, they’re whiny, bratty little turd heads that don’t know when to shut the hell up. And nobody teaches them a lesson, either. That would be “hazing”, and unethical, and bla bla bla… you know, it only takes one incident to ruin this for everyone. You know the one- Columbine. Bunch of pansies being “tormented” at school, decided to shoot up the place because they “couldn’t take it any more”. Ridiculous, says I. You either take care of the problem the right way, or you shut up and live with it.

So now we have to baby everybody that comes through our public school system, giving them all sorts of entitlement issues, attachment issues, mental issues, physical issues (they don’t have to do a goddamned thing if they don’t feel like it, so they don’t get the slightest amount of exercise), and other problems that are probably not evident now, but will be, very much so, evident in the future.

Somebody needs to teach little kids a lesson. Remind them who’s in charge here, and clearly who’s not. I’m not condoning child abuse, I’m just saying, something like one good smack per smart-ass remark. That’s fair, right?


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