Got a much needed break this past week. Not only from my blog, which was starting to eat away at my creativity (seriously, I’d stare at this damn thing for hours), but also from my Facebook, my mail, and pretty much anything else I check or do frequently. It’s funny, really, how a little break in your regular routine can make things so much better.

On a somewhat-related note, this recent amount of renewed will has had a very… well, interesting, if not anything else, side effect. Mostly the weirdest-ass dreams I’ve had in a long time. One was school-related, the other sea-related, the other Avatar-related (that was really fucking weird) and the other was related to things that aren’t appropriate, even for this blog. Seriously. Even with all my cursing and whatnot, this blog is still accessible via link from a school-related video production group, so putting that particular dream up is just asking for trouble. Plus, I’m not even sure I want to think about it. No amount of eye-bleach is going to wash this one out.

Oh, and another thing- been playing Bioshock again, and freaked out at a part where there’s this dead person on the floor, female I think, and she’s got a pair of forceps stabbed through her eyes. Like opened just enough so it goes through both sockets and out the back of her head into the ground. Nearly lost my goddamn lunch.

And it’s Monday. I make a sigh that sounds… well, like a normal “god dammit” sigh, but then ends in an aggravated grunt. That’s the sound that Mondays make. Well, whatever.


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