Verbally incapacitated!

So Sunday, my voice decides to quit. Entirely. I couldn’t vocalize at all. Spent most of the day whispering and playing charades. Today isn’t much better. I sound like… well, shit, to be precise and frank about it. My voice is terrible, but at least it doesn’t hurt to talk. Also have a slight head cold. So yeah. Not much fun.

Doing fine otherwise. School’s going pretty good. Pulled one over on my English classmates. We had split into groups, two groups of six and one of three (the group of three had a smaller section). I was in a group of six, all girls (Score, right? Not so much. None of them seem to have any level of tolerance for me.) When we gathered, I proceeded to speak up (in my shitty voice). I offered to read the section, create a Powerpoint, and then everybody could read off of it for the project. A moment of stunned silence followed, as my groupmates could not comprehend such an act of generosity from me. One of the girls spoke up.

“You know, as much as I would like to say no to that… as much as my morals speak out against it… I just can’t say no. Let’s do that, then.”

So it was planned out for me to do most, if not all, of the work. Meanwhile, the group of three held a good friend, a great friend, and an annoying… person. Female. Name of Kelly. Anyway. Darren overheard me talking, and remembered that the teacher said that at the beginning, any two people in separate groups who wanted to switch could, as long as both members were willing to. Darren proposed to Kelly that she and I switch places. She was ecstatic to be rid of Darren, and be in a group of all girls. I waltzed over, laughing as my previous group members were left in despair with the prospect of actually doing work now. Good times.

So anyway, yeah. Good week so far. Let’s hope it holds.


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