Screwed! Again!

I got screwed out of what little sleep I got by a freaking alarm clock. See, I’m trying to learn 24 hour time, because it’s more efficient, I think. Anyway, my clock has a little switch on the back that sets it to 24 hour time. Which is real convenient, right? Really easy. But what I didn’t catch is that “50 Hz” doesn’t mean “how fast the alarm beeps”, it’s “how fast the clock is in general”. So here I am, thinking that my clock is set to the right time, and it’s 6:50, and I’m late as shit, but in reality it’s 5:30. Yay.

Update- Well, apparently thanks to my lack of sleep, I’ve got a hell of an attitude, and have already made myself a rather unscrupulous character at school today. Not the way to start the week off…


3 Responses to “Screwed! Again!”

  1. So I’ve now commented on a bunch of Rambler posts. Also, after a bit of thought, this link occurred to me. I assume you’ve already seen it, but nonetheless.

    So, according to Randall Munroe, yes. However, it also seems to be a bad idea.

  2. Christopher Balcer Says:

    Thank you for making my day.

  3. That is a good one Chris!!
    You Grandpa Roger would get a kick out of that. When I was a kid I hated military time…. But after 40 years of it, it has kind of grown on me.
    I have had people get in my truck and ask me “Hey Tomahawk, what the heck is wrong with your clock?” I say, “Nothing why?” Then they say, “It has way to many numbers; is that like military time or something?”
    So I guess you could say that I use it just to mess with that small minority of people that don’t know what it is…. I guess your apple didn’t fall far from the tree my man.
    Love you dude,

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