Well it took damn long enough, didn’t it? And now it’s finally here.

And I’m f***ing sick. I am so positively livid about that fact that I can’t see straight. This isn’t fair, vacation just started, I’m not supposed to get sick yet. I was ranting about this while playing Team Fortress 2, and my brother happened to overhear me.

Me: “(various rantings about being sick) Why does this happen at the start of every vacation?”
Andrew: “Because god hates you.”
Me: “Oh yeah.”

So with that question answered, I proceeded to pwn some noobs on TF2, eventually ragequit, and then go eat 4 microwavable waffles. So yeah. Pretty productive day, I’d say.

P.S. Anybody here play Left 4 Dead 2? Ever? Because if you have, then go to and tell me that the guy on the front page DOESN’T look like Nick.


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