I have a new laptop.

Yeah, I do. I mean, it’s new to me. It’s my dad’s old laptop, but it’s still pretty bitchin’. It’s a bitchin’ laptop. Can you handle the bitchness? Anyway. I can now play Team Fortress 2. If you’re looking to get pwnt, add me to your steam account. It’s kingturkey520 (Sorry Spencer.)


One Response to “I have a new laptop.”

  1. My dad’s laptop is so ridiculously old it would be like reverting to the stone age if he gave it to me. Cool though.

    Also, your lack of imagination for a username is astounding. I suppose I should leave “kingturkey” behind at this point and use something new.

    Other usernames I occasionally put to work.


    I officially relinquish the title of King Turkey and all entitlements it brings.

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