Do any of you know what “ragequitting” is? Well, in video game terms, when one begins to lose the game (either online multiplayer, offline multiplayer, or on their own[edit-you just lost the game]), they become so enraged they quit the game out of sheer frustration. This is usually accompanied by cursing, yelling, arm flailing, and possible property damage.

Well, I’ve been losing at math so hard, I wanted to totally ragequit today. I was just staring at this problem- it had an X in the denominator, and I had to solve for it, and there was a fraction on the other side, and I just had NO idea where to start… I just wanted to pound my pencil into the paper yelling “F**K!!! F**K!!! F***************K!” Which is not uncommon, I hear. But I spoofed my way through it, and eventually moved on. But that deep-seated rage is right there… I feel it, the frustration of looking at that math problem… up yours, math problem. You can take your X and divide it in your mouth.


7 Responses to “MATH RAGEQUIT!!!!!!!”

  1. Sounds a lot like Dylan when I’m pwning him at AOE.

  2. Christopher Balcer Says:

    Sounds a lot like Dylan when you pwn him at any game. Except he’s more the “quiet” ragequitter. He gets really pissed, but he doesn’t yell that much. I still remember when you, me, Dylan, and Ben played Halo 2 and you hadn’t played in over two years, yet you still kicked our asses 50-12, with needlers, too. Good times.

  3. Was it needlers? I remember a bit of sniping and quite a lot of Scorpion-induced destruction. Dylan has a very idealistic view of gaming. When we would play this pirate ship game where you control a warship and try to sink the other player all he would want to do is line up and shoot the crap out of each other while standing still. I prefer to dodge in and out taking cheap shots. You know, strategy. It’s like Dylan is the British with their weird sense of battlefield honor and I’m the Huns just rolling over them.

  4. Christopher Balcer Says:

    Yes, that is quite true, except the Huns never engaged in combat with the British, due to quite a few hundred years separating them, not to mention quite a few hundred miles. And Dylan’s just… Dylan. But in Halo 3, with the two elephants and the Mongeese being “rowboats”, and the sand is water, bla bla bla, it’s actually really fun.

  5. Well, I was going to say American Guerillas but we kinda lined up in on fields to die as well. The Huns were the next best thing that came to mind.

    So the elephants would be like the warships and the mongeese are the boarding craft? Cool.

    I made a map on Halo 3 where there is a giant ski jump for the mongeese.

  6. Christopher Balcer Says:

    I played a map where there are a bunch of guys on a Jenga- like structure floating off in the distance, and there’s a guy on a cliff with a gravity hammer and a crapton of random things. He gets to smash stuff at them, either knocking them off or knocking the structure over. It’s pretty cool.

    And we only lined up to die until one guy said “Fuck honor, I’mma hide in that bush over there.”


    That wayz youz getz shot instead.

    Iz clever.

    Why am I typing like that? Good question. Is there an answer? I’m not sure.

    Jolly good night and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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