Getting Lonely Up Here in Awesome.

So, been on the singles list for quite some time now. Can’t remember how long, really. I guess at this point, it doesn’t much matter. I’ve honestly been so desperate for real, meaningful female companionship that I’ve started putting a dress on my left hand.

I kid. I have, however, started trying these online dating sites that are popping up everywhere on the Internets, which I frequent often. They’re really not worth it. I mean, REALLY not worth it. Either you have to pay to actually see who you’re “compatible” with, or the people that it does say you’re “compatible” with is a complete miss. I mean, a really, really, really complete miss.

Anyway. So there you have it. Your faithful poster is getting a bit lonely… okay, maybe more than a bit. I’m just really, really hurting for a girl who’s  real, somebody who’s actually half intelligent, somebody who reads meaningful books, and somebody who probably has similar interests to mine. IF you’re out there, then hey. You’ve got my contact info. Hit me up, we’ll see if something can’t be worked out.


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