Well, I had a good deal of time yesterday to think about things. And as I was mulling over these things, all these thinking thoughts in my head, a particularly funny joke came up that I can’t recall for the life of me. And then a thought came up- “You know, people think I’m a funny guy, somewhat. And I like writing. And I can draw okay. So… perhaps a comic?” Cue better judgement to show up.
“What the hell are you thinking, stupid?! You can’t draw anything more than stick figures.” To which I reply, “Well true, but there’s nothing wrong with stick figures.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Go ahead and make another XKCD knockoff, see if anybody finds it remotely amusing.”
“Well I’ve got a unique style of humor, though. You have to admit that.”
“It’s only ‘unique’ because it’s an amalgam of things other people have said that are funny and good timing. You’re lucky, that’s all. Don’t push your luck and let people find out how retarded you are.”
“You know what, better judgment? Fuck you. I’m making a comic. And I’m going to update it frequently.”
“What, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?”
“Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, bitch.”
“Uh huh. You won’t make it to Thursday.”

At that point, I got into a minor altercation with my better judgement, and ended up deciding to draw a comic. First update starts Thursday, as soon as I can get it posted. With any luck, my better judgement will stay quiet as I continue to draw and post new comics.



2 Responses to “Possibilities…?”

  1. Can some of your comics, or at least your future blog posts, be more arguments with various parts of your mind? Cause I’m almost crying right now with laughter.

    Also, if you end up feeling like this is a legit direction for you, definitely look into buying a graphics tablet. The one I got for my sister is freaking awesome.

  2. Christopher Balcer Says:

    I was planning on the “mind arguments” thing for future comics. I’m actually really jazzed about the idea. However, tablets are EXPENSIVE, and I don’t have any money.

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