Friday rolls around…

That’s probably the name of a song. A really bad song. Like something from the 60’s. I’m not against 60’s music, in fact I love a lot of stuff from that era. I’m just saying that “Friday rolls around” seems like the title of a really bad song. Anyway. This weekend should be relatively uneventful, same as usual. I’m very fond of that kind of thing. Too much happening is very, very bad. I like it when I can get out of bed at 10:30 in the morning, call it a day, and do nothing useful until 2 AM. It just seems like the perfect existence. Some people wonder how I can do it, sit around playing video games and watching TV all day. They say things like “why don’t you get a life?” and “How can you just sit around doing nothing all day?” Well, this is my life, thank you very much. And I happen to enjoy it very much. And I like doing things that are fun. And I find video games fun. And I have no problem sitting around for twelve hours doing nothing BUT video games. Call me lazy, call me fat, call me an introvert, call me whatever the hell you want.  I like doing it.

Anyway, I also want to take a moment to thank you people who take the time to read these things. When I see the pageviews spike from 0 to 2, I think of those two people who feel a little better about their day. Thank you.


One Response to “Friday rolls around…”

  1. You are quite welcome good sir. I will now proceed to continue our discussion on the button.

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