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Get off my Internets. You are not cool. You are not macho. You are not this guy. You’re not even a full-time human yet. Stop acting tough, stop swearing, get the hell off the Internets, and go back to the crib where you belong. Come back in seven to ten years, when you are actually knowlegable to use the internet. AND STOP USING XBOX LIVE. GOOD GOD I’M SICK OF HEARING YOUR PREPUBESCENT SCREAMING EVERY TIME I PLUG IN A HEADSET.


Thank you.



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Feels like Sunday…

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/27/2009 by Christopher Balcer

But it’s not. And I’m very, very thankful for that.

Got a checking account.

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And a new savings account. And a debit card too. Woo money.

Pet Haven Lane

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My mom does a weekly, or bi-weekly, or monthly or whatever show at the KVHS about all the pets currently there. And I get to be in it! Or at least help out. Or at least watch. Or stand in a corner. Hell, I don’t know.


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Last day of school before vacation. Works for me. Unfortunately, what kind of sucks is that there was a half a week of bullshit packed into one day. So I imagine that the other half will be packed into today.

School. Bleh.

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But hey, school isn’t going to be THAT bad this week… because we have Thanksgiving weekend! That’s another 5 days off. It’s going to go by really fast, but hey. It’s something.