Okay, apologies in advance for the double post, but here’s some news for you devoted followers, brought to you before *ANYONE* else, I guarantee-

Apparently, at some time last night, a couple of chuckleheads thought it would be a good idea to go boating. Well, little did they know that fog impairs your vision, and night does as well. They managed to run their little ship up on the rocks- despite the neon green warning post. So now they’re high and dry, and there’s a Coast Guard ship milling around, unable to do anything until the tide comes in. Now, the Internet tells us “PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN”, correct? Well, I just so happen to have these pictures for you, my devoted readers. Again, before anybody else told you, I did. I personally guarantee it.


One Response to “BREAKING NEWS!”

  1. Stupid hurts!!

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