More rain.

I don’t really mind it, but sometimes it gets kind of rediculous. The lawn looked like nobody had touched it in two weeks, so Dad decided to try and mow it the other day with our big new riding lawnmower. Big mistake. The thing carved these huge grooves into the ground, and he even got stuck. When I went down there to clear out the parts he couldn’t get with a regular lawnmower, the same thing happened- both wheels left muddy streaks across the whole lawn. It’s getting out of control, but whatever. We’ll live.

Today’s agenda:
Nothing again.


One Response to “More rain.”

  1. Hi Chris, August 11, 2009

    Just a note to say hello. Good luck with the new riding lawn mower.
    The weather this summer has been crazy. I like your website, very interesting comments about day to day life. Please keep up the good work, very interesting. Hope that you are having a good week.


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